Welcome to the Library Route Finder Documentation!

The Library Route Finder is a web-based tool to assist in finding items in Preus Library at Luther College. The application is composed of a React-based frontend, as well as an API-based backend.

Check out the For Developers section for technical information about the project, and the API section for information about the API provided by the backend. For contributing and community guidelines, please see Contributing.

This project was developed as a Senior Project for the Luther College Computer Science department.

The stated purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the process of developing a software project from conception through development and testing and to deployment of a final product. In that spirit, our group aspires to use our technical and organizational skills to create a web-based application which assists users in locating books within a library, providing a visual map and route showing both item locations and an efficient route to those items.


  • Firdavs Atabaev

  • Alex Dikelsky

  • Isaac List